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Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Mark Zawadsky M.D.

Bloodless Surgery Program


MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offers the first bloodless surgery program in the Washington DC area. This program was established to provide patients access to the latest techniques that are available to reduce or completely eliminate the need for blood transfusions during their medical care. Dr. Zawadsky helped to establish the program and serves as the Medical Director.


We have been successful in reducing our transfusion rates at the hospital across all services and have seen a drop of over 11% in the rate of blood transfusions at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in the last year. The need for blood transfusion for total hip replacement and total knee replacement has also dramatically decreased with this program. Our current rate of transfusion is less than 2% for a first time total hip replacement or total knee replacement procedure.


There are several techniques that we have implemented to achieve these improved results. We have established an Anemia Screening Clinic for my patients where we check your blood levels prior to surgery and if the results show that you have anemia (low blood count levels) there are several treatment options that we can implement prior to surgery that increases your blood count levels. This gives you the best chance of having a safe surgical procedure and avoiding the need for a blood transfusion. This program has been so effective that we plan on introducing it for all surgical patients in the next year, not just for my total hip replacement, or total knee replacement patients.


We also use many techniques during surgery that reduce the actual loss of blood and thus reduces the need to consider a blood transfusion. Of course if the need arises for a blood transfusion it can be a life saving treatment.

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